How to Become a Data Analyst in Nigeria 2022

data analyst in Nigeria

Do you want to work as a data analyst in Nigeria?

How to become a data analyst in Nigeria, learn skills you need, and how to build a successful data science career.

This article on how to become a data analyst in Nigeria will provide you with an in-depth overview of what you need to do to become a data analyst, as well as the abilities necessary for this career.

What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysis is the process of systematically applying statistical and/or logical techniques to describe and illustrate, condense and recap, and evaluate data.

You need to know that data analysis and data science are not the same things, Data Science is a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles to discover hidden patterns from the raw data.

Data is gathered and processed to answer questions, test hypotheses, or invalidate ideas.

Who is a Data Analyst?

A data analyst is someone who gathers information from data, processes it, and creates models to be utilized in a variety of business choices.

Nigeria is gradually moving to become a major outsourcing hub for the local and international markets for data analysis with its growing number of new data analyst. data analyst in Nigeria are moving up in numbers

Reasons to Study Data Analysis in Nigeria

The reasons for becoming a  data analyst in Nigeria are numerous, but we have managed to list a handful of them.

  • The pay for data analysis is rising all the time.
  • You can personalize a customer’s experience.
  • You provide value to customer encounters both online and offline.
  • You improve a client’s loyalty.
  • Expanding Job Opportunities
  • As a data analyst, you increase the client’s devotion to his job.
  • Every firm requires data analysis.
  • There are several job titles to pick from.

How to Build A Successful Career in Data Analysis

Below is a general guide to becoming a data scientist/analyst in Nigeria 2022:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, math, physics, or another related field.
  • Learn data analysis basics.
  • Build the skills.
  • Obtain an entry-level job
  • Become familiar with – Python, R, and SQL.
  • Get data analysis certifications.
  • Gain experience in the field you intend to work in.
  • Learn from other experts in the field.
  • Earn a master’s degree in data or related fields.
  • Build a portfolio.

Future data analyst can begin preparations before they even step foot on a university campus or launch themselves into an online degree program.

Improve Your Coding and Programming Skills

While you don’t have to be an expert in coding or programming to begin as a data analyst, you should be comfortable doing it at a basic level. Begin by learning how to utilize programs like Python, R, and Java, and then expand to others.

Like SQL programming, etc. You should try taking courses online to learn coding and programming.

Increase Your Capability by Studying Relevant Skills

If you have no academic or professional background in analytics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, or business intelligence but you are committed and prepared to devote some quality time to studying important skills, you can still become an experienced data analyst.

First and foremost, all that your hiring managers want to know is if you can gather and process data. If you can collect diverse generated data, prepare it correctly, and input it into the company’s preferred data analytics platform then you are good to go.

And all you need to know to be able to play with data and identify patterns is Excel, Tableau and Mysql.

In this section, we will discuss just three sets of skills that will put you in the right direction for data analysis work

You need to be familiar with Microsoft Excel in order to master these essential skills. You cannot apply for a job as a data analyst if you do not know how to use Microsoft Excel.

The good news is that if you are committed, you can read enough Excel to feel confident in just one month. Be a part of the process once you become familiar with the software.

Of all the skills to be mentioned in this section, SQL promises to be the most difficult but also one of the most important skills you must have to get a first job as a data analyst.

Spend your time taking courses to become better at SQL.

The best forums to practice your skill in dealing with jobs are and hackerrank. Also, a few free online sites can teach you SQL, such as you can also check out MikeDane’s free SQL tutorials online.

Get Trends from the data
Another skill set to add to the wallet is the ability to gain insight into the data. As a data analyst, you should be able to identify problems and find ways to solve them. That’s why you were hired. Your supervisor hopes to see some spark of wisdom in you from time to time.

If you work hard as a data analyst, and you can save money, increase sales, or improve management efficiency, you become a great asset to the company. And only if you participate in a company where you will be able to extract important information from the data.

Online data science certifications in Nigeria


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